Friday, December 23, 2011

Writing in Winter

It is again winter in Michigan. The streets are sheathed in a white dusting of snow and every window and eave is resplendent with colored bulbs and glittering decor. It has been an amazingly warm, dry winter thus far and you will hear few complaints from the locals who rejoice in leaving their snow boots and thermal underwear in the closet for another week or two. Despite the collective feeling that we are only on the precipice of a long winter, we officially passed the shortest and darkest day of the year yesterday - the winter solstice. As a lover of all things Gaia, I had the wonderful opportunity of celebrating the solstice with a candlelit yoga session offered by an amazing and insightful teacher (Angela) while musician Jeremy Arndt played the Halo. It was an inspiring and therapeutic experience and I am unbelievably grateful to live in a place where such amazing people offer their gifts!

In the world of writing and work, I left my job in early November to return to writing full time. It was a short-lived gig that simply did not resonate with me and fortunately, I have discovered a myriad of ways to make life work without the 9 to 5. I received a first and then second set of proofs (edits) on Ula and have completed and sent both back to my publisher with a hopeful date of publication in three to four months. Other writing has been stalled in lieu of the Holiday Season and the Fabinelli's Candy season. This year, I built the candy maker a new website, which was great practice, in addition to updating their blog, creating a new Facebook page and starting a small SEO marketing plan. It has been a success and great fun!

Happy Holidays :)

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