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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Great Escape

Well I've done just what I said I would not do and disappeared from the blogging world for a full month. But I am back full force and I will not claim any consistency here because, quite frankly, I am not consistent. But I am here today because I have decided to make writing the full time aspect of my life and put away the nine to five for now. Mu husband and I are getting out. We have set a deadline for June 30th and we have begun the winded process of wrapping up the life that we have created. We are saying goodbye to the two hour commutes, the stiff suits and itchy nylons, the migraine inducing bureaucracy, the flashy apartment, and most of all the Corporate consumption of our lives. I undulate between raw excitement and total fear. Knowing that the fear is the illogical reaction completely induced by societal expectations. By what my mother thinks I should be, my girlfriends, even my facebook profile. And the culmination of those forces and this insane desire to be pleasing and admired has sent us down a rabbit hole of misery, vainly seeking the so-called American Dream that simply constitutes bombarding you with enough electronic gadgets and visual stimuli to distract you from the life missing from your life. So we are packing up, we are selling our furniture, our car, most of our clothes and we are moving to an island up north. We've set aside enough to live on for the summer and then it will be part time jobs and full time life, not vice versa.

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