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Monday, March 3, 2008


When I first started this blog I did so with the thought that I would easily blog every day or every few days. Because who doesn't have time for a quick rant about the state of their world. But then you realize why you never started blogging before, because time is that ever elusive easily consumed  factor that never quite lines up with your great expectations. Instead I've managed three blogs in as many weeks.  But no worries, I simply must lower this blogging ideal floating in my head and settle instead for when I can or when I want to or when lightning strikes or what have you. As far as the state of the book it's progressing. Slowly as of late, but today I managed two solid hours of revisions. Endlessly thankful for the black tar that Starbucks calls coffee and free wireless. For some reason a little distraction (black clothed, black haired artsy types discussing their unbelievable philosophy class) help me write. Utter silence just doesn't do it for, in fact it unnerves me. I slip into feeling like a deranged woman searching for meaning in the remaining cheerios floating in her cereal bowl. No really, isolation is great, but too much of a good thing is just to damn much. I once spent a summer on my parent's island house (not much more secluded than that) and found myself frantically clawing my way out of my own brain. It didn't help that I was reading Misery (not exactly sanity inducing) and planning a wedding reception that I was dreading like fish flies. I learned my lesson that summer. Not a good idea to read Stephen King novels about psychotic women in utter aloneness, you will find yourself daydreaming about chopping people up in your lawn mower. But anyway the book truly is progressing. I'm in my first read through right now and am revising as I go. I have about 75,000 words total, but have to add some more character development and tie up loose ends. I took two days off of work this week for specifically this reason so I'm happy to say this is one expectation that I have managed to follow through on.

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