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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Consistency is not my Forte

It has been two months since my last entry. I'd like to say that's outside of the norm, but nope, it is the norm. Not that I haven't been writing, I have. In fact, I've passed the 50,000 word mark in my book and I've done some articles and short stories, but I've been so busy elsewhere I've all, but forgotten about my blog. Will and I went to Arizona for two weeks, then I spent a week in Traverse, then we just got back from Chicago, so, in the very least, I've been gathering good material. Right now it's going on midnight and I hate to say I am still drinking coffee; however, the creative juices are currently drying up. So in about ten minutes I'm going to be extremely wired, but not have enough brain energy left to do anything useful. Truth be told, I'm not too worried about it. On another note, my husband and I saw Elizabeth Gilbert speak in Chicago. I just finished her book "Eat, Pray, Love," which was very enjoyable. What I really loved about this book was how it invoked so many feelings: humor, sadness, empathy, motivation, excitement, inspiration. One of those books that not only entertains, but also enlightens. And what's truly amazing is just how many people it touched in this way. It did not simply speak to a small group of readers, it touched masses. In addition to this book, I've been reading almost non-stop lately. In the last month I've read Valley of the Dolls, Eat Pray Love, A Density of Souls, Cigarette Girl, Bird by Bird and several others that I'd have to check my shelf to remember. Obviously I've been doing a bit more reading than writing, but hey, all in the name of honing the craft.

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