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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Snow is Suffocating Me

It's 8:30 am. I just worked out and feel sufficiently exhausted. I would love to cool down with a walk outside. Just an easy stroll down the street, let the heart rate slow, breathe in some fresh air. The problem? There's two feet of snow on the ground. I'd have to shovel a path to even attempt to walk and that would not exactly slow my heart rate. So instead I'm inside. Now the snow is beautiful, it really is, but it's driving me insane. It has been a near constant for the last 7 weeks. I miss the sun, I miss warmth and grass and anything green other than pine trees. I'm sick of looking out to a sky that matches the ground exactly. But on a positive note, the snow can be good for writing because it's nearly impossible to get motivated to leave the house. I stretch the days between grocery shopping, I workout at home and incidentally I log a lot more computer time. Nevertheless I am ready for Spring or a vacation very soon.

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