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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yield - Amateur Blogging

This is my first ever blog. Started on a whim after reading through my backdated issues of writers digest and discovering an article about Julia Powell, a blogger turned author. Every writer's dream come true, you let the public read your journal and someone turns it into a book. But really I've decided to enter, the much discussed world of blogging, because I am in the process of writing my first novel. I've been writing my entire life, sadly fear of failure and a delete happy finger has prevented much progress. But several months ago I got over it. I just got over it. Instead of deleting my first twenty thousand words, an overly critical habit of mine, I continued on. Yesterday I hit the 65,000 mark!!! I eat, drink, and sleep writing, well that along with working full time and paying attention to my cats and husband. But this has truly been a profound breakthrough for me. I have only just began to delve into the hours of revisions, agent searches, and rejections that I know are sure to come. But I refuse to get discouraged, in fact, I've begun to filter any new writer information to block out words like 1 in million chance, almost impossible, and you're more likely to get killed by a serial killer than get published. Because I am going to do this, if my fingers bleed and my husband screams at me for staining our white lap top, I'm going to finish and publish this book. Even if the only copies I ever sell are to those close personal people that I can bully into purchasing a copy.

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